Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check out Solder.io

Sign up for our mailing list, and you'll get an invite when we open up the beta process. Its that easy.

Will Solder.io replace the open source version?

Nope! there will always be an open source version of Solder. In fact, the majority of the functionality of Solder.io IS (or soon will be) the open source code! Our intention is to simply make Solder.io an option for folks who don't know how, or want to run and manage their own web servers.

Is Solder.io Free?

Solder.io provides highly reliable infrastructure including storage space and distribution bandwidth for your modacks, these services are unfortunately not free to operate and so Solder.io will be a paid service. If you already have your own server, feel free to deploy the Open Source version of Solder on your own servers.

How much will Solder.io cost?

Because we're able to take advantage of some level of scaling, we're able to offer our users the best possible service for very little expense. We're still working out the exact pricing, but expect to have multiple plans to suit the needs of everyone from small group of your buddies who play on weekends up to public server owners with hundreds of downloads per day.

Where can I get more information about the API?

We have a full set of API documents available for anybody who wants to make tools or otherwise interact with our API. If you have an idea for a tool that uses the API and want a test account for development, get in touch using the form at the end of this page and we'll see what we can work out.

What mods can I use in my modpacks?

You can include any mod that you have permission to distribute. This includes nearly all open source mods and even many closed source mods.

Will Solder.io manage distribution rights for me?

No, you will still be responsible for obtaining and managing distribution rights for any mods you include in your modpacks. If you have any suggestions that would help you manage permissions please feel free to leave a note in the form at the end of this page.

How can mod authors manage their rights?

If you're a mod author and you want to make special arrangements for the distribution of your content drop us a line using the form below. We would love to work with you in making sure that your work is recognized, while still remaining available for users to mix and play with.
We also have complete copyright policy and DMCA notice and procedure for copyright infringement claims in our terms and conditions designed to protect the rights of content creators as well as our users.

Still have questions?

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